Different Treatment Types From A Fertility Care Singapore Specialist

When you find out you and your partner have trouble with fertility, it can certainly be a difficult and trying time for both parties. That’s why a fertility care Singapore specialist will help you to become healthier. That way, your chances of conception can grow, allowing you to finally start the family you’ve been wanting to. Treatment options vary between each diagnosis, so it’s up to your provider to determine the right treatment for you.

Ovulation Induction

Sometimes the problem can be that the woman just is not ovulating when she should be. No ovulation can mean no egg to be fertilized, and therefore no baby. Luckily, this can be a simple fix, since the doctor can use stimulation to get the ovaries to begin dropping eggs.


In-Vitro fertilization is a technique in which the doctor will insert semen into the womb. Afterward, hormones will be used to further increase the chance of fertilization. A pregnancy test can be performed a couple of weeks later to find out if the treatment was successful. If successful, all that will be left is to carry a successful pregnancy to finally have your baby.


Sometimes a lack of fertility can be caused by a cyst, polyp, or other blockages. Other times, the woman may have endometriosis, which can prevent her from becoming pregnant. Diagnoses such as these can sometimes require the minimally invasive, easy to heal from laparoscopy to surgically correct the problem.

Sperm Retrieval

With simple surgical methods, sperm can be removed from the male partner for use during IVF. This mostly happens when there is a blockage in the tube that releases semen into the sperm. This can help to allow pregnancy with almost any couple experiencing these difficulties.

Reproductive Surgery

Sometimes the issue is a little larger. If there is a problem with the structure of the woman’s reproductive organs, reproductive surgery may need to be used to help in conception. Many different things could require this surgical procedure to heal, including endometriosis, scarring, blockages, and more.

When you decide to go see a doctor about fertility difficulties, you’re sure to be in great hands. Fertility care Singapore specialists make it their life’s work to ensure the reproductive health of anyone who comes to see them. This can not only help you and your partner to conceive the child you’ve been trying to have but also live a happier and more comfortable life as well.

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